News » Joseph Gordon-Levitt 'Snowden' controversy desire intrigues movie fans
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt 'Snowden' controversy desire intrigues movie fans

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt 'Snowden' controversy desire intrigues movie fans

  • American actor, singer and filmmaker
  • Appeared in film "Angels in the Outfield"
  • Played feature role in "The Dark Knight Rises"
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not what he appears. He looks like the innocent, clean-cut individual who some people would think would be the last person who wants to create controversy when it seems that he is exactly the opposite. 
In a recent interview about the Oliver Stone-directed movie "Snowden" in which he plays a starring role as NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden he revealed a hope that the film creates much debate about the actions of Snowden and ask questions such as why he decided to take such a drastic course of action (Mediate - May 29).
His comments about the movie have interestingly not hurt his popularity but actually seems to have increased it on social media as some fans love the image of him 'poking the giant bear' to get answers while also showing that he is proof that one should not attempt to judge a book by its cover. 
Entertainment viewers will sometimes fall into the trap of stereotyping individuals and expect some of the  more 'notorious', publicity seeking actors to ask provocative questions but often it is the clean-shaven, seemingly quiet individuals who want to create the debate and conversation about 'hot-to-touch' issues.
A byproduct of his comments is that they put a spotlight on a trait that appeals to many fans which is when an actor displays the intestinal fortitude and demeanour of the person who used to sit in the back of a high school classroom and ask the one 'verboten' question about a subject being discussed by the teacher that people wanted to ask but were too scared to do so. 
Courage and fearlessness are traits that attract fans and enhance the profile of an actor and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's disclosure that he hopes his movie "Snowden" sparks debate is showing that he possesses both traits in addition to also having some intriguing 's**t disturber' traits in his personality which has enhanced his reputation on social media and likely has some of his acting colleagues taking notice of how his popularity is increasing with movie fans.
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