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Meghan Markle still very down to Earth

Former actress Meghan Markle is still as down to Earth now as she was before her Royal wedding.

Harry Potter magician talks real world magic

The man behind the magic has been talking about his input on the world of Harry Potter

Best celebrity weddings of 2019

There have been some wonderful celebrity weddings this year and here we take a look at some of the best

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Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki getting back together?
7th 一月 2016 @ 11:19pm
It has been rumoured that Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki are getting back together
Zack Snyder LOVES the new Batmobile in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
7th 一月 2016 @ 10:47pm
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens this year and Zack Snyder has admitted that he absolutely loves the new Batmobile for the film
Sarah Hyland's body gets put through its paces in the gym
7th 一月 2016 @ 08:41pm
Modern Family beauty Sarah Hyland has revealed how she puts her body through its paces in the gym
Robert De Niro sings the praises of Jennifer Lawrence
7th 一月 2016 @ 07:50pm
Robert De Niro has worked with Jennifer Lawrence on a number of occasions and he has nothing but praise for the actress
Ian McKellen and Zac Efron to star in a new movie together?
7th 一月 2016 @ 07:16pm
Ian McKellen has started following Zac Efron on Twitter which has led to fans to hope that the two stars could appear in a movie together
One to Watch: Gigi Hadid's younger sister Bella Hadid
7th 一月 2016 @ 04:34pm
Bella Hadid is the younger sister of Gigi Hadid and we are tipping her to have an enormous year in 2016
Girl of the Day: Senegalese model Kinee Diouf
7th 一月 2016 @ 03:35pm
Our Girl of the Day for today is the sexy Senegalese model Kinee Diouf
Clark Gregg begs Marvel to give Scarlett Johansson the Black Widow movie she deserves
7th 一月 2016 @ 02:42pm
Marvel actor Clark Gregg has called for Marvel to finally give Scarlett Johansson the Black Widow movie she deserves
Priyanka Chopra to mix her Bollywood and Hollywood projects
7th 一月 2016 @ 02:03pm
Priyanka Chopra is trying to make a name for herself in Hollywood but she will continue to work on Bollywood projects too
Gal Gadot's sexy Wonder Woman is also very strong and will impress in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
7th 一月 2016 @ 12:25pm
Gal Gadot looks very sexy in her role as Wonder Woman and it seems that she also has the strength to go with it
Kylie Jenner gets words of advice from Kim Kardashian before Kanye West show
7th 一月 2016 @ 10:55am
Kim Kardashian gave her younger sister Kylie Jenner some words of advice ahead of the Kanye West fashion show
Charlize Theron is one of the busiest stars in Hollywood
7th 一月 2016 @ 05:53am
Hollywood actress Charlize Theron has a lot of new movie projects coming our way
Liv Tyler mixing The Leftovers season 3 with new movie Wildling
7th 一月 2016 @ 03:04am
Liv Tyler will return for The Leftovers season 3, while she will also appear in the new movie Wildling
How many more Marvel movies does Cobie Smulders have left?
7th 一月 2016 @ 12:46am
Actress Cobie Smulders plays Maria Hill in the Marvel movies but how many more will we see her in?
Eddie Redmayne just continues to impress us with random acts of kidness
6th 一月 2016 @ 07:30pm
Eddie Redmayne has shown just why he is one of the most popular stats in Hollywood
Samuel L Jackson and Donald Trump in war of words
6th 一月 2016 @ 07:01pm
It seems that Samuel L Jackson and Donald Trump are involved in a war of words
One to Watch: Indian model Pooja Mor
6th 一月 2016 @ 04:59pm
Pooja Mor is a beautiful Indian model who is one the rise in the modelling industry
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